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How does electrolysis work?

An electrolysis treatment involves the insertion of a sterile probe, the same size as the hair, into the follicle opening, without piercing the skin. When the probe is in place, a low-level electrical current is applied that will destroy papilla (hair growth source) and surrounding cells and loosen the hair in the follicle. The hair is then removed. Once the growth source is eliminated, there is no way for the hair to be reproduced. However, some situations will require the hair to be treated more than once.

What are the different methods of electrology?

There are three different methods used in electrolysis: galvanic, thermolysis, and the blend.

Galvanic: The current creates a chemical reaction within the follicle and destroys the hair chemically. The chemical is produced only in the follicle and does not affect any other area.

Thermolysis: The current creates a friction causing heat, which destroys the hair growth source. Variations of thermolysis are “flash” and “Manual” techniques.

The Blend:  The galvanic and thermolysis currents are combined to enhance the chemical action of galvanic current, in a shorter time.

I primarily use the Thermolysis, Multiflash, and Microflash techniques in my office, as they are the most technologically advanced techniques to provide more comfortable treatments with superior results.

Does electrolysis provide permanent results?

Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for achieving permanent hair removal.  The science of electrology has been in place for over a century with proven permanent results.

What measures are taken to ensure safety?

I primarily use in my office pre-sterilized and disposable probes for each client with disposable gloves for safety.  Other tools are sterilized using medical level equipment and procedures.

What areas can be treated?

Nearly all areas of the body can be treated.  The most popular areas requested are the hairline, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, neck, side of face, breast, arms, fingers, underarms, bikini area, legs and toes.  Electrolysis can be also used to treat ingrown hairs.

Why should I choose electrolysis versus other options?

Methods such as shaving, waxing, tweezing and depilatory creams can actually stimulate hair growth.  When a hair root is pulled at or tugged for removal, blood is ruched to that area and nourishes the hair follicle.  These methods can also result in ingrown hairs.

Is electrolysis more expensive than other methods of hair removal?

Laser treatments can start at $150 for a small area like the upper lip.  When you factor in repeat laser treatments, electrolysis becomes even more cost effective.  Electrolysis procedure provides permanent hair removal so you save time and money by not having to return the treat the same area again and again once it is cleared through electrolysis.  Electrology by Sarah rates: $1 per minute with a $20 minimum or $60 for a full hour.

Is electrolysis uncomfortable?

It's impossible to destroy hair growth tissue without sensation because each hair follicle is surrounded by its own network of nerve endings.  The sensation, which may be felt, is assurance that destructive activity is taking place.  Numbing creams may be used to reduce discomfort when treating sensitive areas.

How long does it take?

To achieve permanency, a series of treatment is required.  This is not a "quick fix".  It's, however, the only method of hair removal approved by the FDA asPERMANENT.  It may take several months of weekly treatments to completely clear the area but as the hair follicle begins  to weaken over time, the treatment session will be shorter and shorter.  It's likely that a client can come in bi-weekly and eventuall fall into a "maintenance schedule" for the last few visits.  It's a process of elimination.
There are many different factors that can affect the time it takes to successfully achieve permanency. Some of which may include, any known or unknown medical conditions, past temporary methods used and how long they were used for, the size of the area to be treated and how much hair growth is within that area.  But most importantly, an individual’s compliancy to weekly treatments is key to the successful elimination of unwanted hair.



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